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( number of products: 7 )

100% Screen Protection for Your Phone with Hammer Glass

Phones have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. We carry them at work, at home, on vacation, and while playing sports. Therefore, we want to be sure that nothing will happen to them, regardless of the circumstances, such as placing them in a case. The screen is, of course, the most sensitive part, and it is particularly vulnerable to damage. Replacing a cracked or scratched display is a major expense. What can be done to prevent damage? One of the best ways to protect your phone's display is with protective glass. Hammer Glass offers high-quality products that guarantee your device is fully protected. Perfectly tailored to various device models, resistant, and practically invisible, they are sure to meet your expectations.

Tempered and Hybrid Hammer Glass - Durable and Perfectly Fitted

What is most important when choosing protective glass for your phone? Durability is certainly crucial. Thanks to Corning Lab technology, Hammer Glass products are the most durable on the market. Our selection includes sapphire glasses for smartphones. These offer the best smartphone screen protection available, with the highest hardness rating (9H) thanks to sapphire crystals. They are not only resistant to scratches but also provide full transparency and do not negatively affect screen sensitivity.

Features That Protective Glass Should Have

Another feature that phone glasses should have is transparency and not interfering with the operation of the touchscreen. Protective glass should not affect the quality of using the phone. Thanks to the flexibility and innovative technology of Hammer Glass, the glasses adhere perfectly and allow for full, comfortable use of the phone. They are ultra-thin, with a total thickness not exceeding 3mm, which means their application does not cause problems when using a fingerprint reader.

Choosing the Right Protective Glass for Your Phone

Protecting your phone's display is an important issue for anyone who wants to ensure that their device is protected. How to choose the one that will best protect your phone or smartwatch? Above all, pay attention to ensure it fits the model of your device. A glass for Samsung Galaxy S23 will not fit, for example, an iPhone 13. If you want maximum screen protection from a high fall, the best choice would definitely be hybrid glass.

These descriptions and sections highlight the quality, technology, and benefits of Hammer Glass, catering to potential customers seeking reliable screen protection solutions.