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HYBRID hybrid glass

( number of products: 6 )

HYBRID hybrid glass

( number of products: 6 )

Hammer Glass Flex - Hybrid Phone Glass. Best Protection and Easy Installation.

It only takes a moment of inattention for a phone to go from a pocket or briefcase to the ground, and in the worst case, the result may be a shattered screen. Replacing a display is no small expense, so it's better to protect it in advance with the right accessory. Hammer Glass Flex is a line of hybrid glasses for phones that combine the advantages of protective films and tempered glasses. They discreetly secure the display by creating an invisible barrier that is resistant to many types of damage. Whether it's a new phone or a model you've had for years, it's worth enhancing the level of protection for their displays, which are susceptible to various dangers in everyday use. Hammer Glass Flex protects the screen, allowing you to safely use your device in various, sometimes extreme situations.

What is Hybrid Phone Glass? Hybrid phone glass is a combination of protective film and glass. It is flexible, which allows it to perfectly fit screens, including curved ones, without losing any resistance. Flex protective glasses, made up of several layers, provide exceptional protection against shattering. They perfectly adhere to the surface of the screen, protecting every part of it. This and the strong mounting adhesive make them more resistant to deformation, allowing for longer usage. Flex hybrid glasses protect the phone not only from falls but also from scratches. This is an excellent choice for you if you use your phone intensively, such as for work.

The top hardened coating provides a hardness level of 7H. This means it protects the display from most damages caused, for example, by keeping the phone in a pocket together with keys.

Phone Protection. Tempered or Hybrid Glass? This is a common dilemma when choosing how to protect a screen. Each has its strengths. Tempered glass provides almost 100% protection against scratches. It reaches a level of 9H on the hardness scale, which means it excellently protects the phone's screen during contact with sharp objects or surfaces. Hybrid phone glass mainly protects against shattering. Its advantage is its flexibility and ease of installation. Flex hybrid glasses can be applied in almost one motion. Thanks to their flexible structure, they protect every inch of the display, ensuring an aesthetic appearance. Its additional advantage is the top hardened layer, which is highly resistant to scratches.

New Smartphone. Is it Worth Using Hybrid Glass? Most new models of iPhones, Huawei, or Samsung come factory-equipped with strong glasses. However, it is still the most delicate element of the device. Replacing a damaged part is expensive, so it's better to think about additional protection. Besides a case, in the event of a phone drop, extra protection may prove necessary. Hybrid glass for phones is easy to install, has a high resistance to impacts and falls from a considerable height. It is ultra-thin and ensures 100% transparency, without affecting the image quality. The oleophobic coating ensures that fingerprints, greasy marks, and other dirt will not remain on the screen. This significantly improves the comfort of using a mobile phone every day. By securing your device with it, you choose easy-to-install Flex hybrid glasses tailored for your phone.

It's worth protecting your smartphone from damage. Scratches from keys, cracks effectively reduce the comfort of browsing content on the phone. Manufacturers are competing to install better protections, however, an additional shield can save you from the need to replace the display in your device. In Hammer Glass's offer, you'll find a huge selection of protection for various smartphone models, including:

  • Apple iPhone 13
  • Apple iPhone 13 Pro
  • Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max
  • Samsung Galaxy 22+
  • Samsung Galaxy 24
  • Samsung Galaxy A34 5G

Hammer Glass Flex represents high quality and effective protection for your phone. Easy to install, allowing you to quickly and simply secure your device. The strong adhesive ensures that nothing gets underneath and scratches the display.